Monthly Orphanage Expenses

On behave of RHM , we want to say ASANTE!!(THANK YOU)  to all of our supporters and sponsors for the helping as give hope and smile to the faces of these beautiful kids. Through your support our wonderful  kids are able to attend  school, get daily meals, have medication , clothes, shoes, uniform and a home to call their own. Thank you for joining us and becoming a partner with God in fulfilling James 1:27- For the best religion is to care Orphans and widows in their distress.

In order to run the orphanage smoothly, bellow is a table of our monthly expenses for our 13 orphans, 2 caretakers, and One watchman.The monthly basic need for 13 kids under Restoring Hopes Hopes Children Home is approximately $510 per month, this allows as to take care of basics like food,clothing,utilities, blankets, mosquito nets, vaseline, feminine products, charcoal, paraffin, etc.

Below is the breakdown of our monthly expenses;

Sugar 4 kgs 220 880
Soap I dozen (12 bars) 90 1080
Cooking Oil 10 liters  1200 1200
Salt 1 packet 150 150
Beans 1 sack 8000 8000
Rice 1 kgs 4500 4500
Meat 8kgs 350 2800
Fish 12 200 2400
Maize 1 sack 3500 3500
Fire wood 4000
Brooms 3 100 300
Tooth paste 13 pieces 150 1950
Shoe polish 13 100 1300
Body jelly 13 70 910
Onions 1500
Tomatoes 1200
Steel wire 1 roll 500 500
Medication 2000
Electricity Bill 1000
Care takers Salaries 2 women 4000 8000
Watchman salary 1 man 4000 4000
TOTAL IN KSHs. 51,170
TOTAL IN USD  ($) 511


The reality is that your ability to help a child or an orphan/abandoned child creates a future, a destiny and a difference between life and death. By your partnership with Restoring Hopes Children Home, you are causing a future, smile , hope and a destiny in the lives of the orphans and vulnerable children. All of the children at Restoring Hopes Ministry are  total/partial  orphans  and are either affected or infected by HIV/AIDs .They have absolutely no one at all and need your help.

Please consider partnering up with Restoring Hopes  Children Home both in prayers and financially.

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