Orphanage/Child sponsorship


It’s a family, not an institution, It is a place where childrens are valued,love and encouraged to reach there full potential but it is not always easy as most of the children come from difficult situations and circumstances, we however put all to the hands of our able God.

Hope for Children
Restoring Hopes Kids

Many of the total  orphans have no place to call home, some are left with very aging grandparent who are helpless, the situation which makes an orphan child to be the provider in the family by either seeking for casual job in the sugarcane plantation, by becoming a maid,or entering into prostitution, nevertheless ,the situation makes them to get into premature marriage at an early age.They never get education due to poverty which has make them very vulnerable to dirty job in order to count for another day.

But there is something quite special and unique  about Restoring Hopes Ministry Orphanage.The home provide a family environment for every  orphan child and brings about smile on there faces.They are always happy, healthy and safe to be as a family together

We at RHM we have decided to respond to this challenge by absorbing 15 total orphans who are either affected or infected by  HIV/AIDs  in our orphanage  and now they have a place to call home and they have a family to share with.With our much limited resources we are trying as much as possible to provide food,medicine,school fees,shelter to the 13 orphans at our orphanage and 35 other orphans at there residence(Home based program) .

Community ladies and mothers have volunteered to help in the orphanage and are proud to be called mothers/ guardians to the children.We wish to provide the support needed by theses orphans in the orphanage including there education through primary secondary and there further studies.We implore you to help us in financial support and prayers to enable us continue giving them hope and a smile on there faces.

We are legally approved orphanage under the government of Kenya and therefore the orphan children can live here until they are mature and able to support themselves.




Restoring Hope’s  Ministry Child Sponsor Program gives you the opportunity to help a child in need by putting a smile and giving hope to them while they are in the orphanage and those that are living with there guardians(Home based) . You can partner with Restoring Hopes Ministry to provide these children with everything they need to not only survive, but to thrive in shadow of our Lord God.

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You can make a commitment to sponsor a child for $30 a month. And RHM will connect you with a child living at Restoring Hopes ministry  that is in need of a sponsorship . You will receive a picture, brief history, information about your child’s special needs, and quarterly updates.


We encourage you to communicate with your sponsored child through:


  •   Letters
  •   Birthday and Christmas gifts
  •   Pictures of you and your family
  •   Email
  •   Internet video calls
  •   Visit Restoring Hope Ministry  as a part of a team and meet your sponsored child.


Your $30 will help provide food, clothes, shelter, education at Hadreinne Peace Academy ,Medication  and everything required to raise these children in a loving and responsible environment and fear of God.

If you would like to sponsor an orphan on a monthly basis feel free to email as at OR call as on +254719236255


If sponsoring an orphan child is not your call and rather not for you,you can support our ongoing projects by looking around our website OR why not become a ” friend of Restoring Hopes Ministry”- This is another opportunity to support the ministry more generally by providing for everyday essential and running costs, everything RHM need to provide the best possible environment for children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS to grow up in .It is a real chance to share in the care and development of the children who have had a difficult start in life dew to the hard situation. RHM welcomes any financial contribution you may have to keep us running along well, but if contributing financially is difficult , we deeply understand  and we would be grateful for your prayers for us as prayers is also as important to keep the children moving in the fear of God .

And as a friend of RHM, you will be sure to receive an annual letter from the Director, photographs of the children and updates , you will also be able to here what is going on at the ministry.


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