Hadreinne Peace Academy

According to many scholars who focused there studies on the underdevelopment in Africa, it is there findings that they pinpoint three main enemies to development in Africa and that untill we find solution to this three  problem Africa will still be the reference to underdevelopment,

These three enemies to development in Africa  are;

  • Illiteracy
  • Disease
  • Unemployment

    All these three results to abject poverty that the world bank says is living bellow a dollar a day.

In our work towards finding solution to illiteracy  among many  “orphaned community” we started Hadreinne Peace Academy with main goal of fighting away illiteracy  in our entire community and as Nelson Mandela once point it out that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, we are working extra hard to see that the orphan who can not go to school dew to school fees problems or  for one reason acquire education at Hadrienne Peace Academy.



We have full primary school from kindergarten to grade 8 with a total population of 110 pupils of which majority of them are orphaned kids from our community with 8 teachers.

The structure of the school is made out of iron sheets which a times becomes so hot  and classroom  floors made out of animal poops all from kindergarten (pre-primary ) to grade 8.

Currently we are praying for God to provide finances to build a permanent brick classrooms.If you are interested in joining as to transform the current classroom structures to a brick structure feel free to connect with as

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