Sisal Project Promotes Self-sufficiency, Improves living standards, Enhance Dignity Among Women in Ramula

SISAL PROJECT – Fighting out Poverty and Unemployment

Sisal project aims at generating income through job creation to jobless women who are either affected or infected by HIV/Aids. Among our monitoring tools to see the impact of this noble project in our ministry shows out that the women can be able to raise there families well-can comfortably meet  basic needs in there households   , take care of the school fees,there children have gained height and weight suggesting that they are eating well balanced diet ,some  women have started there small business (Kiosks) .

15171085_1220506311398409_3845443560356582538_nwomen making hand rope for selling in local market

We are proud that this is a noble project that can improve  lives of many women and jobless youth within our community.

Sisal fibre  has a wide variety of applications that can generate income and these including:

  • Hand made sisal Rope
  • Twin rope
  • string
  • yarn and which can also be woven into carpets, mats, and various handicrafts.

And did you know that the  sisal waste products can be utilized to a wonderful end product that can bring about hope and smile to many? _ By-products from sisal extraction can be used for making biogas, pharmaceutical ingredients and building material. The biomass left after fibres have been removed represents as much as 98 percent of the plant, and most is now flushed away as waste.

To exploit the economic value of this material – amounting to some 15 million tonnes annually we are asking you to  join as  in prayer and invest financially  with as to use sisal residues to produce biogas, electricity process heat and fertilizer , 70% of the energy produced could be distributed to rural homes and 30 percent used in sisal processing.

The waste produced by decortication such as sisal juice, particles of crushed parenchymatose tissue and fragments of leaves and fibres can be used as fertilizer or animal feed. The juice of the plant is used to make pharmaceuticals like hecogenin, inulin and others.

It is therefore our prayer and vision that at one point  this project will be able  employ 200+ women  in our community and economically improve the standard of the entire community.If you would like to invest with as financially to see our dream come true feel free to contact as at frank@restoringhopes.or.ke Or give as a call at +254719236255


Check out more about our SISAL PROJECT  and feel free to invest your time,prayer and resource to this noble project to see it succeed to bring more hope and smile to many faces of jobless women and youth in our community.





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