About Us
Restoring Hopes ministry is a registered Christian not for profit making organization located in Miwani –Kenya with the aim of restoring back hope to the hopeless and the less fortunate persons in the society. The organization has outreach mission for orphans and old widows in the rural villages where care for the total orphans affected with HIV/AIDs, Poor widows and the vulnerable old people.
VISION: To become a community icon of hope to the hopeless, less privileged, widows and orphans in the community through empowering widows and vulnerable members of the society economically, actively participating in community development and establishment of sustainable agribusiness, enterprise and improved livelihood.
MISSION STATEMENT: To become a tool of hope to the hopeless, traumatized, orphans and widows within and around the community. To provide a rewarding future to the less privileged in the society by providing, supporting and economically empowering the widows and apart from that we give hope and encouragement for widows and OVCs.  To serve the community through provision of clean water by treating the water to prevent spread of water borne diseases.

We have to care “for if we don’t care people perish” we pay visit at their homes (home based program) to offer encouragement/spiritual food. we  work with  vulnerable  members of society in greater Muhoroni sub County  to empower them in order to  improve their livelihood and raise their living standards and transform their lives and improved access to safe water and sanitation facilities with OVCs  and on-site  sanitation and rain water harvesting schemes,   treatment  as viable alternative for poor households including households with Widows, Orphaned and vulnerable children which are served by local authority water and sanitation system. The organization also aims at improving the welfare of OVC s through empowering their caretakers with skills to raise their household income, identify and address the necessary support for children to further education pursuits
HIV/AIDS scourge has robbed most of the children in the community their parents leaving the destitute or at the hands of well wishers who sometimes exploit them or at worse leaving them with aged, unemployed grandparents who can barely support them. This situation is forcing most young children to seek for casual employment like weeding, cutting sugarcane, rice farming or bodaboda (Motorcycle taxi business) to meet their needs.  Most of the children end up dropping out of school at tender age as early as primary school. This epidemic has left behind more orphans, widows, widowers desperate with no hope for future. The problem has led to school dropout since they do not see the sense of furthering with their education.

Restoring hopes ministry has help claim many lost lives to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and is providing daily encouragement to the hopeless in the community. The ministry has also focused her attention to involve community work and outreach. We serve the community in a number of ways, we have recently introduced water treatment mission, visiting and cleaning old widows home, tree nursery to beautify our environment, there is a plan in future to organize Christian cinema so that we can conquer and bring back lost lives to Jesus Christ.

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